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pdQ Postcards
is a collection of Microsoft Publisher® templates you can customize to fit your own needs.  Add your own logo, phone number and offer, and you're ready to go.  You can tweak and test your designs, printing them out on your own printer.

 If it's volume you need simply send your file to us.  We're your source for quality, full-color printing.  Already have a printer?  Send them  your Publisher file, if they accept them.  Or, use a PDF driver to create a PDF file which any printer can use.  If you're using Publisher 2007 it has all the functionality to generate print-ready files. 

To get the most out of pdQ Postcards, here's what you need:

  • Microsoft Publisher® 2002 or newer, Microsoft Internet Explorer and a desktop printer.  The pdQ Viewer runs in a browser.  For optimal performance we highly recommend Internet Explorer.

  • pdQ Postcards does not support earlier versions of Publisher. 

  • Don't want color?  No problem!  pdQ Postcards will also print out in black and white on your laser printer.

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pdQ Postcards may not be available is some areas.

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