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The benefits of Drynamic Controlled-Moisture

Safe, non-toxic formula with NO strong odors

That's right, our non-toxic general cleaner is safe for kids and pets, as well as moms and dads, and its odor-free.  A real benefit for folks with chemical or odor sensitivities.

Environmentally responsible
Controlled-moisture cleaning is an effective, time-tested process whose environmentally-responsible traditions are more relevant now than ever. Click here to learn more.

Most spots and stains simply disappear
Our general cleaner quickly and safely penetrates and loosens soils in your carpets. Most spots are then quickly and easily removed without the surprise and expense of additional and often irritating "pre-spotting" or "pre-conditioning" charges.

Carpets stay cleaner longer
Ever use an off-the-shelf product to remove a spot on Monday only to go back on Wednesday and remove the same spot again? And, again on Friday? And, Saturday? And, again and again and again. Then, you've seen up close and personal what can happen with traditional cleaning products using soaps, detergents and shampoos.  When allowed to remain in the carpet, as sometimes happens, those sticky little troublemakers can attract dirt causing your carpets to quickly resoil.  Just one more reason why we clean soap-free.  No sticky residue means carpets stay cleaner longer.

Convenient, fast drying
A common complaint about carpet cleaning is it's been known to take a day or two to dry.  Our controlled-moisture process dries quickly, often in one to two hours making it the ideal solution for those hectic households and busy commercial environments where you can't afford to wait until tomorrow or the day after.  You'll appreciate the reduced liabilities in commercial settings since exposure to slip hazards is reduced promoting safer working conditions for staff and customers.

Less disruption and NO open doors
The quiet hum of our equipment and absence of strong, unpleasant cleaning odors means our uniformed professionals are naturally less disruptive in any setting. We're completely self-contained, our equipment comes inside with us.  We don't have to connect to a sink, a toilet or an outside faucet.  We have no umbilical tied to a loud, droning vehicle parked outside avoiding much of the mess and tangle of hoses and cords. We can't scuff your walls or chip the corners.  And, we'll never leave an outside door open for hours at a time
so pets, children and conditioned air remain inside where they belong.

NO hidden charges, NO hidden surprises
Would you tell a carpet cleaner, "let's leave the spots for next time and just clean everything else?"  Who would?  So, why do so many companies charge one price to clean the carpet and another to spray soap on the spots? G
o figure. We've made the figuring easy, one price covers it all.  There are NO hidden or confusing pre-spotting or pre-conditioning charges for the normal, everyday spots and spills to double or triple the price promised over the phone. If there's an additional charge for a difficult stain or a situation that goes beyond the usual and customary we'll tell you about it upfront.

We specialize in delight!

Safe and non-toxic, quiet and fast drying with no sticky residues, no open doors or strong, obnoxious odors and a complete satisfaction guarantee.  We’ll leave you in a state of delight, we GUARANTEE it!

Serving Anne Arundel and Howard County, Maryland since 1990, we rely on safe, non-toxic, kid & pet-friendly products and only a fraction of the water reducing our impact on mother nature and avoiding the inconveniences so often associated with carpet cleaning. We’ll leave you delighted and your carpet clean, fresh and dry in as little as one to two hours.

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