But, are we tough on dirt?You betcha!

And, we do everything reasonable to make sure we do it safely and responsibly.

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says carpet cleaning has to be disruptive? We work quietly, without noisy machines bellowing for hours on end, or big, cumbersome hoses to trip over. Weíre completely mobile, able to move anywhere in your facility with ease. Consequently, we donít need any special parking arrangement or open, unsecured outside doors.

We use safe, non-toxic products so staff and customers arenít exposed to harsh chemicals or strong unpleasant odors.

Carpets dry FAST, in as little as one to two hours, eliminating over-wetting and the need to block-off areas for long periods. Liabilities are reduced since customers and personnel are no longer exposed to hours, even days, of wet, slippery floors.

Youíll also appreciate, as commercial specialists, we dress and conduct ourselves professionally while in your facility, reflecting well on your good image.