pdQ Postcards Volume 2 Line-up

Postcard Name 1/4 Page 1/2 Page Flyer Form Tri-Fold Card Commercial Residental Both


1 Dirty Carpet Zone Post-holiday cleaning postcard
2 Spring Savings Event Seasonal themed "Saving Events"
3 Summer Savings Event
4 Autumn Savings Event
5 Winter Savings Event
6 New Year Savings Event
7 Easter Savings Event
8 These Feet For Shoe Store
9 Doctor, Doctor For Doctor's Office
10 Hey, Louie For companies doing in-house cleaning
11 Before we arrive, 2 Up Prep-sheet Postcard
12 Before we arrive, 4 Up Prep-sheet Postcard
13 Before we arrive, Full Page Prep-sheet, Full-page folding mailer
14 Before we arrive, Estimate Prep-sheet, Full-page, with Estimate Sheet
15 Cinderella, tile and grout Tile and grout cleaning
16 Cinderella, carpet General services postcard
17 Cute Little Rear-end General services postcard
18 I'm looking General services postcard
19 My Spots Are Gone General services postcard
20 Thank-You Postcard 1/4 page thank you postcard
21 Springtime Spring special postcard
22 Pinochio General services postcard
23 Thanks General services postcard
24 Sometimes General services postcard
25 Parry, Thrust May not be acceptable for commercial printing
26 Mom Said May not be acceptable for commercial printing
27 I can relax May not be acceptable for commercial printing
28 See you tonight May not be acceptable for commercial printing
29 Mine! May not be acceptable for commercial printing
30 Thank You Card, Yellow Flower themed thank you cards
31 Thank You Card, Violet
32 Thank You Card, Real Men
33 Thank You Card, Pink Flower
34 Thank You Card, Yellow
35 Enjoy, Professional For professionals, attorneys, accountants, etc.
36 Golf Tip #29 For professionals, attorneys, accountants, etc.
37 Urine Disclaimer
38 General Disclaimer Disclaimers/Waivers
39 Red Stain Disclaimer
40 Written Estimate
41 From the bottom up General services postcard
42 Something looking back General services postcard
43 Make a note of it Reminder Postcard
44 Inspector #12 General services postcard
45 Critters General services postcard
46 Picky Norm General services postcard
47 Crack of Don Just for fun
48 Invoice Residential/Commercial Invoice
49 Break the bank For Banks
50 Under Foot Customer after-care information tri-fold
51 Enjoy, Beach General services postcard