pdQ Postcards Volume 1 Line-up

Postcard Name 1/4
Flyer Form Tri-Fold Card Commercial Residential Both Description
1 Thank you card, 3 Thank you cards
2 Thank you card, happy face dance
3 Thank you card, it may seem silly
4 Joe wasn't always this happy, VLM mailer Commercial
5 Joe wasn't always this happy, VLM brochure
6 Joe wasn't always this happy, brochure
7 Joe wasn't always this happy, mailer
8 Customer satisfaction survey Customer feedback, tri-fold
9 We hope you were delighted Customer feedback, postcard
10 FREE Room Flyer Full-page flyer
11 Nine secrets to a cleaner carpet MS Word, aftercare flyer
12 Bulls in a china closet Just for fun, postcard
13 Clowning around General residential
14 Are you and optimist For retail establishments
15 Fighting mad General commercial
16 Joe wasn't always this happy General commercial
17 Just any old clown General commercial
18 Open house Real estate agents
19 Pin drop VLM commercial 
20 Your resource Commercial postcard
21 Mother's coming to visit General residential
22 Mother's coming to visit, VLM VLM residential
23 Family1 General residential
24 We're a little geekish General residential
25 Peek-a-boo pricing General residential
26 How much cleaner are your shoes on the inside General residential
27 Baby approved General residential
28 Baby approved. VLM VLM residential
29 I won't be ignored General residential
30 It's not their fault General residential
31 Mom is gonna freak General residential
32 My shoes did it General residential
33 There's no better carpet cleaner General residential
34 New equipment intro, stork Announces your new truck mount
35 Spills Happen General residential
36 Whoops Pet owners
37 What time is it Reminder postcard
38 Referral rewards coupon Say thanks for referrals
39 Referral rewards coupon 2
40 I made a new friend today, offer 1 Encourage referrals
41 I made a new friend today, offer 2 Encourage referrals
42 Reminder, finger-string Reminder postcard
43 Reminder, hands Reminder postcard
44 We saved your spot Reminder postcard
45 We saved your spot 2 Reminder postcard
46 We're saving your spot in line Reminder postcard
47 Heather wasn't always this happy General residential
48 Grandma always smiles Just for fun
49 Thank you, jump for joy Thank you postcard
50 Six dazzling rewards of VLM VLM residential
51 Six benefits of VLM VLM residential
52 Soothing VLM VLM residential
53 Ask us about upholstery Sticky Note
54 Bring your furniture back to life Sticky Note
55 Keep it looking good Sticky Note
56 We do orientals Sticky Note
57 Invoice 1 MS Word
58 Invoice 2 MS Word